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Jason (JC) Gayle wears a few hats…
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Leader. But at his core, he is a Transformational Coach. He has a goal to help 250,000 people discover and maximize their life’s purpose. In return, they will then live a compelling life, which is maximizing every opportunity, achieving self-fulfillment and living happier lives. In founding & leading the Compel Movement, which is an Organization that envisions societal transformation, he is making that dream become a reality each day. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. He currently lives in Central Florida with his amazing wife and daughter.

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Compelled 2 be Great (Leadership)

Just about every person in the world has the potential to be great. But why do some seem to maximize their potential more than others? Simply put, some are compelled by the idea to be the best version of themselves and maximize their lives. The root word in potential is "potent" which means having great power, influence, or effect. There's not 1 person we speak to professionally, academically, & personally that doesn't want to be effective or have great influence. We all have the potential to be great, but how do we get there...

Creating a Compelling Culture (Shaping Culture)

Whether your home, school, workplace or even relationships, how we feel about those spaces rest on the culture that exists within that environment. Creating a Compelling Culture is not only vital to the health of those spaces but it’s also the biggest difference maker between those that thrive and others that are struggling to survive. Are you in a Compelling, Inspiring and desirable environment? If not, here’s how you can.

Keys to living a Compelling Life

So many of us are just a few moves away from experiencing a whole new life. Success comes in different shapes and forms but at its core, it offers fulfillment that everyone deserves to experience. Greatness leaves clues and this talk breaks down 3 altering steps that anybody can implement into their lives today to take them to the next level and set them up for experiencing real success. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.



Business People Applauding

”JC is someone I’ve known and have had the pleasure of working with for several years. His love and passion to help people move forward in their life and business is unprecedented.  Working with Jason is a game changer! You can expect to receive world class service with his coaching. Jason is someone you can always depend on!”

Kenneth W. Clark

(Founder of Vibrant Families)

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